Review: Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs


I don’t even know how I came upon this website, but somehow in my many multi-tasking ventures I did and was instantly intrigued by the concept of having an indulgent bath and getting a glamorous ring by the end of it. So I ordered Bed of Roses bath bomb (retail for $14.95) and a Valentine’s Day special bath bomb (it was a black heart, also retailing for $14.95). I know the price seems pretty steep for just a bath bomb but I reasoned that I was going to be also receiving a free ring with the purchase.

The best word to describe these fragrance bombs is opulent. There’s no better way to explain the rich experience of being submerged in the fragrant waters.


Bed of Roses feels exactly how it sounds. Upon entering the pink waters, I instantly felt as though I had been enveloped by a silky embrace. I’m pretty sure that this is the closest I’ll ever get to experience feeling what a bath for Marie Antoinette was like. It’s simply indulgent.

black heart

The Valentine’s Day special bath bomb was a black heart and was scented by night flowers (predominately Jasmines). I felt utterly goth when I entered the black waters and emerged with an onyx ring. Both bath bombs came with a beautiful ring. So not only do you step out of the bath with the softest skin ever, but one also feels incredibly glamorous as well.

The whole experience was simply luxurious. And if the gorgeous scent won’t convince you, then you will be enthralled by how soft your skin will feel after using these bath bombs. It’s like touching pure silk.

Sure, these bath bombs are pricey and probably not something I could indulge in every time I decide to take a bath, but it’s something one would like to treat themselves with every now and then. Plus, once the bath is over, at least you’ll have some pretty rings to adorn your fingers with!

If you’re itching to try them out, you can order these bath bombs here:

*Products were bought by writer for review.

By: Azzurra Now

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