Hello! This is where you can get in touch for either review purposes (products/books/etc.), love notes, awesome randomness, or whatever strikes your fancy! This is usually where people also state, don’t make it weird, but I embrace the weird. So you can use the fabulous box below or shoot me an email at: azzurranox[at]

*Due to an influx of emails from various brands/companies, please read below for what collaborations/services I provide or am interested in:


I am open to receiving PR packages and products for review, however, I will only accept PR packages and products for review purposes if the product or service fits the theme of my blog (hint: my blog focuses on BEAUTY/SKINCARE, WRITING, HEALTHY LIFESTYLE, MUSIC, MOVIES, & FASHION). I may make exceptions sometimes in regards to some other products, but only if I feel that it somehow fits the theme of my blog and/or lifestyle.

All the reviews I post on my blog are HONEST, so keep that in mind when sending me products. I will be writing my honest opinion of the product and having received free samples will in no way influence my review in either a positive or negative way. Keep in mind that if I’m writing a post that features a product that was sent to me, I will clearly state such at the bottom of my post.


Much like PR packages and products for review, I will consider sponsored content. If you’re interested in having me create sponsored content for your brand, please feel free to contact me. Also, note that I will indicate at the bottom of my post if the post is a sponsored one.


I will consider sharing links on my posts only if the links fit the theme of my blog, and if I am compensated for sharing said links. If you’re interested, please contact me on the pricing.

You can find me on these platforms:

Twitter: @diva_zura

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