Ciao, my name is Azzurra Nox. You may know me for penning books such as CUT HERE or Doll Parts: Tales of Twisted Love. Or you may not know me at all. It doesn’t matter, you’re here to get to know me.

Here are a few facts:

I was born in Catania, Sicily (Italy). I’m bilingual (Italian & English). I’ve lived in various European cities and Cuba throughout my life and currently reside in (sometimes sunny, and very foggy) So-Cal. I love horror movies, cats, music, and cosmetics. I created this blog as a way to share my love for the many things in my life.

But not without a little help from my friends….

Contributor writers to this site:

Erica Ruhe is a Florida-based fiction writer and lover of all genres. In her free time, she draws inspiration from human nature, Mother Nature, and her divine muses.

Phoebe Jane is a rock star project manager by day, technology addict, book dragon, and monster maven by night. After being called to task by Dean Koontz and Oregon Scott Card, she began harnessing those demons of doubt and made a commitment to her writing.