Mythology Mashup – A Review of Lost Gods by Brom

lost gods

Brom was introduced to me by Plucker one cold day in Denver. A combination of the altitude, wind and my need to enter every book store I pass drove me into the large Barnes and Noble where I happened upon an illustrated book. It was an amazing story that I quickly finished. Fast forward almost a decade later and the amazing author/illustrator released a new novel.

Lost Gods tells the tale of Chet, a man who has caused more than his fair share of trouble. However, he swears to change for the better when he proposes to his young, pregnant girlfriend. They travel to a safe haven to start a new life but end up falling into the trap of an ancient evil. Chet travels through the Underworld in order to find the man who holds the key to save his love and their daughter.

When I first read the premise for this book, I was a bit apprehensive. The plot seemed eerily similar to the Greek tale of Orpheous, who ventures through the underworld in an attempt to bring back his wife Eurydice. However, I am happy I gave Lost Gods a chance. There are some familiar elements to the story, but only because Brom’s weaves a tale containing elements from various belief systems. Fallen angels, witches, “One gods” and old gods battle for unclaimed souls that have made their way to Purgatory. Yet, this is not your run of the mill Aligheri underworld. A civil war is brewing amongst the deities and in this gritty fantastical land and most of the souls have picked sides. Vendors peddle their wares of weapons and drugs while the lost amble through trying to find their wave.

This tale is engaging and although there were a few weaker moments that might have been better (the humans were underdeveloped and conveniently placed albeit unexplained characters resolved tricky situations) it is still an interesting journey of a read. Also, it would not be a Brom novel if it did not contain a few pages of his magnificent artwork. The illustrations of the gods, lords, demons and other characters does not disappoint.

Lost Gods is the type of novel that will leave you spellbound.

By: Phoebe Jane

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