Happy New Year & 2019 Goals


Happy New Year, peeps! I hope that 2019 has begun with a bang and that you were able to achieve all (or at least most) of the things you wished to accomplished in 2018. I made a goals list last year and I was very surprised by how much I actually got done.

2018 Writing Goals & What I Accomplished

  • Publish a poetry collection (DONE, you can pre-order BLEED LIKE ME here).
  • Complete my novel Wicked Game (DONE, just need to edit now)
  • Write a screenplay (Didn’t Do)
  • Participate in Pitch Wars (which I DID do)
  • Stick to a consistent posting schedule for my blog (DONE, my blog is now updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays)


  • Sleep more (sadly this didn’t happen)
  • Try new eyeshadows or eyeliner colours (didn’t experiment as much as I wished I could have)


  • I had set a goal of 40 books to read in a year, and actually read 47!

2019 Goals


  • Edit Wicked Game
  • Finish writing my book Girl That You Fear
  • Finish writing my short story Pink Rabbits
  • Write a screenplay


  • Sleep more
  • Been contemplating on cutting my hair short like Lucy Hale, will 2019 be the year of my big chop? We shall see.
  • Try out more cream formulas makeup, like cream blush and cream highlighters


  • Read 50 books for the year 2019


  • Since I’ve paired up with NetGalley and received a bunch of ARCs, so you’ll be seeing more Book Reviews & Author Interviews on the blog in the coming year
  • Since I’ve covered some events in 2018 such as Scare LA, Comic-Con LA, and Shriekfest Film Festival, I plan to try to cover more events in the new year

What are some of your goals for the new year?

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6 Skincare Secrets to Beautiful Skin!


Photo courtesy of advanceantiagingskincare.wordpress.com

Exfoliate lips using a toothbrush.

One sure-fire way to keep chapped lips at bay is to exfoliate lips using a toothbrush. I usually do it in the morning, you can use either a lip scrub with it or a pinch of Vaseline and gently scrub your lips. You can either scrub in circular motions or horizontal.

Use a Peel to brighten your skin tone.

Peels are extremely easy to use and can remove dull skin cells from the surface, which in turn helps brighten up your skin tone. Since most peels have acid, I’d suggest once a week usage. I suggest my fave here.

Invest in a good eye cream.

Most people will say that you can use regular moisturizer around your eye area, but they are wrong. The skin around your eyes is thinner and absorbs product much faster, so I recommend using a cream specifically made for the eye area, as it’s easier to cause irritation if you use ingredients that are too harsh for the delicate skin. Need ideas? Here’s a list of some of my favourite eye creams.

Use ice to reduce a pimple.

If you have to go out and have a huge raging red pimple, here’s a quick-trick. Hold an ice cube wrapped in a washcloth against your pimple for fifteen minutes. The ice will help reduce the inflammation and redness, allowing you to apply concealer much more easily. For added benefits, make ice cubes out of rose water for an extra skin-soothing treatment!

Don’t remove eye makeup with a makeup wipe.

Makeup wipes are too harsh when trying to get rid of mascara (especially if you’re scrubbing your eyes, a major no-no since it promotes premature wrinkles and wreaks havoc at the delicate skin). What I do is break up the makeup using Johnson’s Baby Lotion by placing it on a cotton ball and gently applying it to my closed eyes. I let the lotion soak in for a few seconds and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Not only will your eyelashes be moisturized, but it’ll also cause less breakage. Added bonus: this method removes all of your eye makeup in less than ten seconds!

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Get Amazing Brows Everyday!

I’ve always been obsessed with having good eyebrows, and some people are born with naturally amazing arches, whilst the rest of us need a little help. I know that nowadays the instagram brows are the trend, but I personally prefer a more natural brow. Like most people, I don’t have time to spend twenty minutes filling my eyebrows in the morning, the steps below guarantee to give you awesome brows in less than six minutes! So go ahead and press that snooze button, get some extra z’s cause you won’t be needing too much time to get ready in the mornings with these fool-proof brow tips!

First Step:

Outline the shape you wish to have either by using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow marker.

Second Step:

First, fill in your arch and tail using a darker shadow shade.

Then using a lighter shadow shade, fill in the first half of your brows (closest to your nose) and the top half of the arch.

I’d suggest purchasing one of those duo eyebrow shadows palettes, such as Bobbi Brown Brow Kit ($55 at Sephora).


In order for brows to look natural you need to shade in a way where the light would naturally hit, hence the lighter shade on top, and the darker shade in the arch.

Third Step:

Using a spooley brush through your eyebrows to better blend the shadows and get rid of any excess product.


Run some brow gel if you have unruly hair to keep brow hairs looking sharp and clean all day!

One of brow gels I absolutely love is Maybelline’s Makeup Tattoo Studio Waterproof Eyebrow Gel ($9.48).


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