Beauty: Spooky Spiders Manicure

I was at Shriekfest last weekend and since October always prove to be an incredibly busy month for me due to work and events, I knew that I needed to find both fast and cost-effective way to have awesome nails stat! So when I came upon these nail stickers in September I just KNEW that I needed to grab two. I’ve used this company before and my previous experience with these kinds of stickers at that time wasn’t so positive, but I decided to give it another go a second time.


I LOVE how these stickers provide an easy no-dry time solution for some of us that have problems with sitting still for a full hour (cause no matter what the nail polish bottles claim, it still takes a FULL HOUR for any of them to truly dry and not get indentations).

Plus, how can you go wrong when your nails look this fabulous? Nail art like this could easily cost over $40 or $50 at a salon, not to mention the time required to sit there for it. I stuck these babies on in less than ten minutes and literally went on a date afterward! Yes, it’s THAT EASY AND QUICK! Plus, who doesn’t want amazing nails under $10?

So grab yourself a pair or two, and don’t worry if you mess up, the Halloween packs come with six extra stickers in case you do or need to replace one later on if it comes off. (So far it has been over a week and it hasn’t popped off, which was a major issue with the ones I had tried earlier this year, so maybe that pack was just faulty).

You check out more options on their website.


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Review: KISS Polish Pop


Remember when a few years ago when Sally Hansen came out with their Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips? Well, these are essentially more or less the same thing. At the time, I LOVED the Sally Hansen Strips cause they truly lasted a very long time (for me about a month) and there was no wait time (I can’t tell you how much I detest having to wait the 30 minutes to dry my nails!). I don’t know if the Sally Hansen Strips have been discontinued, but I haven’t seen them around so when I saw these at the shop the other day I knew I needed to try these out.

What It Is: Nail Polish Strips

Verdict: The design is gorgeous, and the application was simple, HOWEVER, I applied the strips around 3PM by 7PM I had one strip literally jump off of my nail, and by the end of the night 3 had fallen off. Also, each packet comes with only 8 strips, meaning that you need to buy 2 packs in order to complete both hands. I guess the plus side of purchasing two packs was that I had extras to apply on the fingers where the strips had fallen off. I applied these on Saturday and today’s Monday, and since the new strips there haven’t been any other strips coming loose, so we’ll see how it goes. Would I repurchase? I can’t state this now, but for me to actually consider to repurchase these they should be able to last about two weeks (that’s the length I’m capable of keeping nail varnish on whenever I put it on for) seeing that the price of two packs was almost the price of a whole nail varnish bottle.

Price: 3.82 per pack

Where To Buy It:


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By: Azzurra Nox

Review: Essie Brings Back the 90’s


If you were a teen in the late 90’s, then you’ll feel a strange sense of deja’vu that has inhabited the streets lately. Young girls wearing chokers, velvet tees, flannels, bodysuits, and bold brownish red lipstick making one feel as though you were in 1997, but nope it’s 2017, and the 90’s are back and wildly more stylish than ever.

For those of us who lived through it and kept a few nostalgic memorabilia and garments we’re able to resuscitate our old flannels and bring our chokers back to life after a twenty year hibernation. But what about our coveted makeup?

Have no fear as Essie has brought us a whole new line of 90’s inspired nail varnish that will make you feel like Revlon’s Street Wear never got discontinued.

Meet GIRLY GRUNGE a soft silvery metallic shade with a dash of lavender that looks like it could’ve been the love child of Revlon’s Street Wear nail varnish Prissy and Gunmetal.


This varnish is both durable (no chipping for two weeks!) and fast-drying, both a must for a busy gal that hasn’t got the time to spend hours on her manicure (although it’ll look like you DID spend more time than you really did to get one).

So turn up the volume on Hole’s Miss World, apply another coat of purple mascara, and slip into a pair of Spice Girl platform boots cause 1997 is back, baby and the second time around is even better than the first.

Price: $9

Where To Buy It: Target or

By: Azzurra Nox