Review: Huda Beauty – Liquid Lipstick

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What It Is: Long-lasting liquid lipstick

Verdict: Ever since I’ve started using liquid lipsticks back in 2016, I haven’t been able to go back to a bullet tube anymore. There’s something about liquid lipsticks that just hits the spot for me. They’re smudge-free, don’t bleed, and incredibly long-lasting. What’s not to love? I know some people have issues with their lips drying out but that isn’t something that I’ve had to deal with. So, in the past three years, I’ve tried my fair share of liquid lipsticks. When Allure’s Beauty Box centered on Huda Beauty, I was intrigued. Mostly because I hadn’t tried any of their products up to that point. But I know how much people rave about Huda’s products and how life-changing some of them have been. For this particular Allure Beauty Box, Huda Kattan made a special liquid lipstick hue specifically for this occasion, creating an orange-red shade appropriately named Allure.

Now, I have no qualms over the quality of the liquid lipstick. It is worth all the hype her liquid lipsticks have garnered. It’s long-lasting and it doesn’t bleed. So those are two things that I look for when determining the success factor of a liquid lipstick. However, the shade Allure is terrible for anyone who’s as pale as I am. It isn’t a universal red as I thought it might be. Instead, it’s more of a bold bright orange than red. It’s not very flattering for pale skins, but feel it would be an excellent shade for those who have darker skin and want a red that isn’t on the classic side.

So the product was good but the shade wasn’t. Can’t win them all!

Price: $18

Where To Buy It:

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Launching: Nox Girl Cosmetics!


Shades Ophelia & Juliet pictured above.

My love of beauty products is no big secret if you follow my blog and look at the many beauty product reviews I have written, or if you know me personally and see the staggering amount of cosmetics I’ve accumulated over the years. And since I cannot beat my cosmetics addiction, I’ve decided that the next best thing would be to join them. How you may ask? By launching my very own line of cosmetics!

This idea came to me a few years ago but I had trouble executing it right away for various reasons (funding, finding the right lab, etc.). Recently, I found a lab in Canada that will make my products in the way that I envisioned them to be, high quality, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Why vegan?

Well, the main difference between vegan and traditional makeup is the use of animal by-products which are never used in vegan cosmetics. A common side effect and bonus to vegan products is that they are often gentler and safer all around, not only leaving out animal products but also toxic chemicals, parabens, gluten-containing products, and heavy metals.

I know there’s a ton of beauty brands out on the market and there’s a new one coming out of the woodworks every day, so you may wonder, what makes Nox Girl Cosmetics stand out? First of all, all my items will be LIMITED EDITION, meaning that every few months I will be selling a certain number of cosmetics that will encompass a theme. And since my other great love right next to cosmetics is books, each limited edition products will be inspired by literary characters.

For my launch, I decided to go with a classic, Shakespearean heroines. The ones I selected were some of my faves, and creating liquid lipsticks inspired by them was so much fun!

So without further ado, allow me to present you the amazing shades:


Tamora (taken from Titus Queen of the Goths) $20

Tamora is a berry-purple matte shade. The character is strong and bold and you can let your inner queen shine through with this imperious shade.


Ophelia (taken from Hamlet) $20

Critics believe that Ophelia is weak because she goes mad and drowns herself in a brook, but the truth is, she’s not afraid to stand up against the patriarchy, letting her brother know that he shouldn’t chide her to be chaste when he isn’t and how she hates the double standard that exists.

This shade is a pale peach with mandarin hues. Ophelia is sweet, but she’s no pushover, and if in the end, she cracks, it’s the patriarchal society and crazy boyfriend that are to blame, not her. That’s why this colour is both light but bold. Your lips will be sure to stand out in the crowd.


Swatches of Ophelia & Juliet 


Juliet (taken from Romeo & Juliet) $20

Juliet is a rose pink shade. The character of Juliet is a hopeless romantic (who isn’t at the age of 14?) and I wanted this shade to reflect the excitement and intensity of first love.


Titania (taken from Midsummer Night’s Dream) $23

She’s Queen of the faeries, and what better way to celebrate this beautiful creature than to create a shade of nude-glittery lipgloss? It’s the perfect lightweight non-sticky lip gloss formula that will have you unleashing some serious faery vibes.


Lady Macbeth (taken from Macbeth) $20

It’s due to Lady Macbeth’s brutal ambition to become Queen, that leads Macbeth to murder the current king while he’s visiting his home. And although she’s viewed as a villain, no one can negate how badass and progressive she is for her time. What better way to celebrate her boldness than to imagine her wearing this blood-red shade? Choose this crimson lipstick if you want to channel a true leader (albeit a ruthless one).


Swatches of Tamora & Titania


Midsummer Night’s Dream Eyeshadow Palette $30

Creating a palette is difficult, especially when you’re trying to create a cohesive look. When creating these shades I tried to envision what someone like Titania would wear, and that made me decide to go with various shades of green. Because nothing shouts woodland faery like these ethereal shades.

You can shop these shades for a limited time at the Nox Girl Cosmetics Shop! These shades will be available till the end of September. In October I’ll be launching new shades (I’ll give you a hint, they’re going to be inspired by famous vampires).

*There’s international shipping for all your orders!

I’m also looking for some influencers (within the U.S & Canada for now) to receive some samples for reviews. If you’re interested please contact me with your platform info (blog or Instagram account).


Shades Tamora & Titania pictured above 

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Review: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips


With the cutest packaging in the beauty industry (I mean really, all of their products look delicious and cute!) that someone like Marie Antoinette would adore (it’s no coincidence that one of their Lip Whips is named Versailles). I’ve been dying to try this brand for a while now.

So when they had their 4th of July sale, I decided to bite the bullet and order me some summer lippie shades.

The first shade I tried out was Take Me For Pomegranate. I did love how the colour looked on me, but upon my first application, I wasn’t crazy how drying it felt on my lips. As the day wore on, the liquid lipstick started to crack, which meant I had to reapply. By the time I went on a date with my fiance that same night, the lipstick was ultra grainy-like on my lips and migrating to the top of my gums (not cute, especially when your guy thinks your gums are bleeding).

So if I’m going to wear this shade again, it’d only be for a few hours and won’t attempt to wear it the whole day as I often do with my liquid lipsticks.

The second shade I ordered was Cherry Flambe. Again, the colour is gorgeous. Now, I don’t know if there’s a difference in formula (because sometimes there are liquid lipsticks that are matte or satin), but this one wasn’t so drying. And this shade didn’t crack not did it get grainy by the end of the day. Being that it was a red shade, I was afraid that it might bleed as the day wore on. Thankfully, it didn’t. The shade did kinda fade towards the middle of my lips by the afternoon, but that’s nothing a quick reapply couldn’t fix.

Overall, for the price (they normally retail for $20 a pop), these Lip Whips don’t deliver. It really saddens me to write this, because I truly wanted to love these products (again, cute packaging and wanted to support the amazing cancer survivor and CEO, Cashmere Nicole), but as far as the Lip Whips go, I was sadly not impressed at all. Sure, they won’t smudge if you eat or drink, but cracked colour isn’t a pretty sight.

I would be curious to try out some of their other products, but as far as their Lip Whips go, I won’t be ordering any others in the future.

Price: $20

Where To Buy It:


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Review: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink


I love liquid lipsticks and since I was running out my Jeffree Star liquid velour shades, I was looking to find a much cheaper substitute. I know this is dumb, but the couple of years I spent working as a makeup artist had me acquire an elitist outlook on cosmetics that I didn’t have before. Suddenly, using drugstore brands seemed beneath me. But the past year I’ve decided to throw out that idea since prior to being a makeup I used to use drugstore brands all the time!

So when my local beauty shop was running a deal of selling these Maybelline liquid lipsticks for $5 a pop, I decided to give them a shot. After being impressed with the first shade I got I decided to purchase three more. I was impressed with all the shades and longevity!

Packaging: Not the best packaging, they’re kinda chunky and blocky, but it comes with a tapered doe-foot applicator with a small reservoir in the center that helps with the application.

What It Is: Matte Liquid Lipstick

Pros: Long-lasting, transfer resistant, and non-drying

Cons: Can take some minutes to dry down after initial application

Shades: Dreamer, Pioneer, Seductress, and Ruler

Verdict: I didn’t think I was going to love these liquid lipsticks, cause I’ve tried so many but haven’t been enamored by any of them, except for the Jeffree Star Lipvelours. Having said that, this lipsticks ALMOST are better than those in regards to being transfer resistant (meaning not even major makeout sessions can smear your lips) and they’re incredibly long-lasting (I literally partied my heart out, wore it for over sixteen hours, ate, drank, kissed, and fell asleep and the morning after my lips still looked amazing!). The third thing that I love about these liquid lipsticks is how PIGMENTED they are! These lipsticks aren’t wimps when it comes to their shade power. Do yourself a favour and pick up a shade or three!

Price: 7.99

Where To Buy It: Ulta, CVS, Target



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Review: Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Liquid Lip in Gwenyth


By now, we all know about Gwenyth Paltrow’s lifestyle blog Goop. Well now, she also has a beauty brand called Juice Beauty to go along with the blog. I’m not particularly crazy about the blog Goop (because some of the stuff on there is either ridiculous or downright dangerous/not healthy at all). But being a makeup addict, I was thrilled to find this in my Allure Beauty Box for February, although I had no high expectation cause I’m very picky when it comes to liquid lipsticks. This liquid lipstick promises to look shiny like a gloss, but without the sticky effect. The shade is named after the creative director of the makeup (ahem Paltrow) and the colour is reminiscent of the ’90s berry hues that were on everyone’s lips think Courtney Love and Courtney Cox back in the day, (unless you were wearing the matte browns instead).

What It Is: Liquid Lipstick

What It Does: Provides shine and colour to lips.

Verdict: The moment I opened up the tube and noticed how sheer the formula was I knew that I wasn’t going to be a fan. And sure enough, after wearing it for six hours, this liquid lipstick did what most lipglosses do, it BLED and it somewhat faded. Now, I know many people prefer moisturizing lipsticks and don’t care if they have to reapply (which in that case, this may be the perfect lipstick for you), however, I expect a lipstick to NOT budge once I apply it (maybe I’ve gotten spoiled ever since using Jeffree Star’s liquid lipstick where it won’t budge, smudge, or bleed for ten+hours). Also, I’m not really a fan of berry colours either. Or at least, they’re pretty to look at, but for some reason never look so amazing on me (maybe cause berry tones are made for cool skintones and although I’m pale, I have a warm skintone). But if you’re looking for a high-shine glossy lipstick, then this may do the trick for you. The formula is luxurious and the colour is vibrant, so it’s got that going for it. It just isn’t the sort of liquid lipstick I prefer.

Price: $24

Where To Buy It:

By: Azzurra Nox

*swatch of the shade Gwenyth below


Review: Sugar Pill Liquid Lip Color in Trinket


What It Is: A long-lasting liquid lipstick

Perks: Cruelty-free and made in California

Verdict: I’ve tried out several liquid lipstick brands since they’ve gotten popular over the past year or so. I was looking forward to trying out Sugar Pill cause I’ve always been a fan of the brand, plus I’ve been trying to find the perfect rose gold shade with subtle glimmer. The colour I got, Trinket is simply gorgeous! The awesome thing about this specific liquid lipstick is that when applied, the colour is a rose shade, but once you press your lips together, the gold shimmer is activated. So, the more you smack your lips together, the more gold shimmer will be visible. It’s a very flattering metallic shade, and it can be worn both casually or for an evening night, especially now with the holidays, the gold glimmer will give you that much needed holiday vibe without going too overboard. As for the formula, it is lightweight, but long-lasting (and when I say long-lasting I truly mean it! I can apply this lipstick at 7a.m. and not need to reapply even once and it stays put till I remove it around 9p.m.). Another plus is that the formula doesn’t dry out your lips, your lips actually feel uber hydrated throughout the day (a much-needed bonus during the harsh winter temperatures!). So give this shade a try, and liberate your inner sugarplum fairy!


Price: $18

Where To Buy It: I got mine at the Dolls Kill site ( or


By: Azzurra Nox

Review: L’Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick


What It Is: Highly Pigmented Liquid Matte Lipstick

Verdict: I bought this lipstick because I was looking for a matte liquid lipstick that was a blood red hue, and so I ended up getting the Roseblood shade out of this collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I haven’t been impressed with too many liquid lipsticks from other brands, except for Jeffree Star (my absolute favourite brand for liquid lipsticks). What I can say is that I’m pleasantly surprised by how amazing this product is! First of all, the colour is highly pigmented (albeit that you have to slick on about two layers of it since the first layer is more sheer than dark), but the best thing about this liquid lipstick is that it’s NOT drying AND it looks amazing (meaning it doesn’t play up the lines in your lips but rather comes out looking very smooth-looking an uniform). Bonus point: This lipstick doesn’t come off even after a serious makeout session.

Price: 9.99

Where To Buy It: CVS, Target, and


By: Azzurra Nox

Review: Wet N Wild Megalast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


What It Is: Pigmented Matte Liquid Lipstick

Distinguishing Features: Intense Pigmentation without drying out lips, Smudge-Proof for hours, and Lightweight Formula

Verdict: For the past year I’ve been in L-O-V-E with liquid lipsticks, in particular with Jeffree Stars Liquid Velour Lipsticks. So, when I noticed that Wet N Wild had come out with their own version of liquid lipsticks for half the price, I couldn’t help but pick up a few to see how they compared to the others that I own (L’Oreal, Jeffree Star, & ColourPop). What I can say is that I’m pleasantly surprised by the extraordinary quality of these liquid lipsticks! Their packaging is very similar to Jeffree Stars’ lipsticks, and although I love his very much, these lipsticks are quite comparable and even more lightweight than his! Your lips do not feel burdened by the lipstick, you actually forget that you even have it on, it’s that light! Not to mention that for me, these lipsticks have lasted from 7a.m.-9p.m. Without drying out, cracking, smudging, or drying my lips out! Once these babies are on, you’re set for hours of intense pigmentation! I was blown away! And for just under $5 a pop, you can grab 4 for the price of what it would cost you to buy one liquid lipstick from Jeffree Star!

Price: 4.99

Where To Buy It: Target or

Colours Reviewed: Coral Corruption (a flattering peach shade), Video Vixen (an oxblood hue that makes me feel dangerously sexy like Fairuza Balk in The Craft), and Nudist Peach (a pinky nude best for pale complexions)


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By: Azzurra Nox