Shriekfest 2018 Horror Film Festival

Shriekfest is a bi-annual horror film festival that takes place in both Los Angeles and Orlando. The event is organized by actress Denise Gossett (best known for appearing in Tom Hiddeleston’s movie I Saw The Light and Mel’s Gibson’s Get The Gringo). She founded Shriekfest 2001 and it’s been the 18th year for Los Angeles. It’s one of the most influential horror film festivals and definitely one with the best horror film screenings.


Red Carpet at Shriekfest 2018 Photo taken by David Hanger – Dress by Dolls Kill

I was graciously given a Press Pass for the event by Denise and was able to attend the third day of the festival (it’s a four-day fest). I opted to go on Saturday because it was screening the most films that day and had several shorts listed that I was thrilled to check out.

The films were screened at the Raleigh Studios on Melrose Avenue, at the Chaplin Theatre. The inside of the theatre had that old Hollywood glamour to it with comfy velvet cushioned seats that made viewing a marathon of movies (we stayed nine hours with short fifteen interruptions between each session) fairly easy.

Out of the shorts I viewed, one of my absolute favourites was “Snaggletooth,” which was about an unconventional dentist visit. The film had a good mixture of humor and creepiness to it that I enjoyed. Another really excellent short was a British one entitled “The Moor,” that centered around a father and daughter who go the moor to celebrate May Day but find out that sometimes the pagan gods may take something from us that we’re not ready to give up. “A Doll Distorted,” explored mental illness and how obsessive love can lead to dire consequences. “Avulsion,” was another of my favourites as it followed a blue collar worker who visits an escort that is capable of fulfilling her clients unusual and twisted fetish desires.

I really enjoyed the music video for Medicine from Peter Bibby. It had a bunch of kid doctors performing an autopsy on Peter Bibby’s body who’s begging for pills, hallucinogens, or some other form of medication rather than being told to get some sun or some sleep.

The first feature film I saw was Ashes by director Barry Jay. Ashes was about a family who begins to be haunted by their dead aunt once her ashes arrive at their home. What I truly loved about this movie was that there was the perfect blend of humor and horror. Plus, the performances by the actors were truly top-notch, I particularly loved Elaine Partnow in the role of the sassy grandmother, Caroline, who livened the movie up anytime she was in a scene. The first half of the movie delivered more laughs (in a good comedic way), but the second half of the movie focused on the horror elements (I’ll never be able to look at an egg slicer in the same way again!). It was also my first time watching a movie whilst being seated next to the cast and crew that worked on the film, so that added a bit of a surreal feeling to the experience.

The second feature film I saw was Chimera by Maurice Haeems. This movie was less horror and far more sci-fi. The movie centered around a brilliant scientist who chooses to freeze his children alive whilst he tries to find a cure for the deadly genetic disease that seems to have befallen them. The movie was good and full of surprises and twists (some that I had anticipated and others I hadn’t). But the gut-wrenching end left one with the belief that maybe trying to uncover immortality is far more dangerous than death.

Overall, the film festival was a complete success and I loved the fact that food and snacks were provided on location for sale if you needed to grab something quick to eat in between your viewing sessions. I truly enjoyed watching all the movies I had the opportunity to see and would totally recommend this festival to horror film buffs, you won’t be disappointed!

Thanks again to the fabulous Denise who gave the Inkblotters the opportunity to be there! I had a blast!


Entrace to Raleigh Studios

Photos taken by David Hanger

White and Pink Strikeout Cosmetics Beauty Logo


Fashion: DOLLS KILL Haul

Trying to define my personal style is kind of difficult, but I’d say that it leans more towards a punk Lolita with some glam thrown in here and there. In other words, imagine Joan Jett’s and Marc Bolan’s lovechild, my fashion look would be the outcome.

Now, I know how many love their designer duds, but I often find a lot of runway designers to lack the certain edge that I wish they’d have.

But there’s a San Francisco boutique that seems to embody every aspect of my fashion sense and I’m so thrilled that they have an online shop as well, DOLLS KILL.

Now this site isn’t for the fashion faint of heart. These are for girls who dare to look like they’ve spent all night dancing to house music and drink their ex’s tears mixed with their coffee and booze.

They recently had a sale on their site and I grabbed a few items.


I love this plain white Los Angeles tee, you can either dress it down with some ripped jeans, or give it a punk edge when worn with shorts and black fishnet stockings!

I also purchased a pair of white ankle socks, cause….I’m a sock addict, and another pair that are black and white.


Nobody is happier about the 90’s making a comeback, than yours truly. I LOVE, L-O-V-E…velvet tees! I had a brown and a red one back in the day, and I wore them so often they ended up getting holes and my mother gave them away (sob!), so when I noticed they had an emerald velvet tee I hit the cart button faster than Speedy Gonzalez on amphetamines. If I could wear just one shirt this whole autumn it would be this, but ya know, it’s not socially acceptable (unless you’re a rockstar), but I love this shirt so hard it’s ridiculous.

What new fads are you liking and what online shops do you love? Share with me your finds or sites!

By: Azzurra Nox