Review: Essie Ballet Nudes Gel Couture


Essie is a staple nail varnish brand for fashionistas and manicurists. I’ve enjoyed several of their colours from their normal varnish line, but decided to give the Gel Couture a spin. Usually I use Julep varnishes as they can last up to two weeks for me with barely any chipping. This new Essie gel-polish line promises a chip-free manicure for 14-days without the use of the LED or UV light (which is a bonus since traditional gel-manicures can be incredibly damaging to your nails).

The Essie Gel Couture is a two-step gel manicure that one can easily apply by themselves. I chose the colour Hold the Position. I usually go for various shades of red, but since it’s Spring, I decided to step outside of my usual colour scheme and go for something unconventional to my signature nail look.

Before I applied the nail varnish (Step One-the coloured bottle) I had washed my hands and buffed my nails. After that, I applied three coats of Step One nail varnish (because I felt the colour was a little too light and wanted it to really POP, but you can go with two coats without a problem). Afterwards, I applied one coat of Step Two (the clear top coat). I waited about 30 minutes for it to dry, but didn’t do anything too taxing using my hands for about an hour (just to be sure) so that the varnish could set.

This is the varnish after having been applied:


This is the varnish after 15-days of application:


As you can see, the varnish didn’t chip too terribly and the colour is still somewhat shiny and vibrant.

Verdict: I’m going to have to give this varnish 5+stars. I’m really happy with the length it’s stayed on without chipping and the application was rather simple. Not only, it gives you the shine of a true gel-manicure without the damaging effects of a real one. And taking the varnish off is simple, all you need is any

Retail: $11.50 per bottle (and since this is a two-step deal that’s going to be $23, which can seem pretty pricey, but since it truly stays on for 14-days I think it’s worth it).

You can purchase the varnish at various beauty retailers or just go to Ulta Beauty online and find your fave colour!

By: Azzurra Nox

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