5 Essential Beauty Products I Always Keep in my Handbag!


We live in a fast-paced world and sometimes we can’t bring ten million things along with you everywhere. That’s why my list of essential beauty products is very small and succinct. With these items in your bag you’ll be looking your best any time of day!

FLOSS. You can have the most impeccable makeup going for you, but if you have a stray salad leaf stuck between your teeth then you won’t look that appealing. Not to mention the potential cavities! So to keep both my teeth healthy and looking their best I always carry floss in my handbag.

MIRROR. This is a no-brainer, but honestly, sometimes you go to bathrooms that don’t have mirrors (travesty!) or since I’m nearsighted, it’s harder for me to notice lipstick smudges from far away, so this is an item I’ve always kept in my handbag.

LIPSTICK/LIP BALM. You never know when you’ll need a touch-up, or if your lipstick disappeared during dinner (or in most cases after kisses!) and merely left a stain, you can always apply lip balm on top and it’ll still look like you’ve got some color in your lips.

ROLLERBALL FRAGRANCE. Nothing freshens you up more than a so-called “whore bath,” or in less vulgar terms, a spritz of perfume on your pulse points to leave you smelling like you’ve just stepped out of the shower (nevermind that you’ve actually been sweltering for the past 8 hours!).

HAIRBANDS/BOBBY PINS. You never know when you’ll get caught in a windstorm or your hairdo begins to fall in the middle of the day, but with extra hairbands and bobby pins at your disposal you can always keep your hair looking hip and not resembling the crazy cat lady from two doors down.

What beauty items do you always carry with you?

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6 Beauty Must-Haves For When You’re Running Out of Time!


Hit the snooze button one too many times and now are cinched for time? Did a friend just call you out of the blue for an awesome event but you’ve been binge-watching shows on Netflix all afternoon in your jammies? Before you panic, here are 6 essential beauty items you will need to look polished in less than twenty minutes!


I don’t know about you, but concealer is my holy grail since I’ve been cursed with hereditary undereye circles, so you’ll never see me without it. But if you’re blessed to be dark circles free, then you can still use concealer to hide any problem spots, acne, discoloration, or to brighten up your eyelid. (The concealer pictured above is CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Concealer in Fair, $8.54 at Wal-Mart).

Eyebrow Marker

If you’re trying to be quick, but at the same time don’t want to deal with powders, pomades, or pencils, an eyebrow marker is your best bet! There’s no sharpening involved, and the small felt tip is so small that it makes for precise feather strokes for a natural finish! (The eyebrow marker pictured above is NYX Eyebrow Marker in Medium, $9.75 at https://www.nyxcosmetics.com).


Since the rest of your eye is going to be bare, that means that your lash game has got to on point. So grab the most voluminizing mascara you own and apply three generous coats (after curling them with an eyelash curler of course!). This is really going to make your eyes POP. (Mascara pictured above is from Medusa’s Makeup Witch Lash in Black Noir, $12 at https://medusasmakeup.com).


When you’re in a hurry but still want to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed, then aim for the brightest or boldest lip colour you’ve got. I usually go with reds or raspberry tones, because since the rest of your face is pretty simple, a bold lip will lift your whole face and make you look perky, sophisticated, and instantly glamorous. Never underestimate the power of bold lips! (Liquid lipstick pictured above is from Medusa’s Makeup Lip Paint in Bang, $12 at https://medusasmakeup.com).


Few of us are blessed with rosy cheeks and if you’re on the pasty side like me, blush is your savior for that healthy glow. (Blush pictured above is from Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Paaarty, $29 at Ulta).

Setting Spray

Need to skip some steps? Then you can cut out powder and reach directly for your setting spray as this will lock the look you’ve got as well as keep any oiliness at bay and lock in moisture. (Setting Spray pictured above is Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, $32 at https://www.urbandecay.com).

Since these items are only six, these are also easy enough to slip into a small makeup bag to bring with you always whenever you’re on the run!

Which items would you have added to your list?

By: Azzurra Nox