Throwback Thursday: Travel Post – Sicily


At the piazza in Taormina, Sicily

This month’s Throwback Thursday series is going to be a little different. Usually, in my past ones I revisited old movies or songs, but this time I thought that revisiting a location I hadn’t been to for a while was enough for me to write about it for this series.

I usually try to make it out to Sicily, Italy every two years, but this time I hadn’t been back since 2016. I was in much need of relaxation and to get away for a while, so I took four weeks off of work to head out to Sicily. During my first week there, I met up with fellow Inkblotter, Phoebe who was staying in Catania. We stopped at one of my favourite bars, Prestipino (espresso and baba’ for me and Coke Zero for her).

My second week was spent going to the beach in Giardini Naxos and hanging out in Taormina with my cousin and some friends. During that time I also ate lots of thing that I don’t usually eat in California, such as gelato (sorry, just never have been a fan of American ice cream) and lots and lots of fish.


View from my bedroom.

In between my third and second week, I decided to spend a few days at my apartment in Catania, where I just decided to sleep and relax. My usual week, while I’m in California, is always jam-packed that I’m always driving seven days a week and I never have time to sleep in, so sleeping in till 10 a.m. was an absolute luxury. Taking a break from driving and traffic felt very liberating and I also decided to unplug during my stay in Catania (no cell phone or internet for almost a week). I spent my days taking walks, eating lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, and fish. At night I would relax with various face masks. It was a very relaxing and nourishing moment for my skin, mind, body, and soul.


My final week was spent back in Taormina for a few final days of beach and shopping. I didn’t do a whole lot in regards to going out at night, although I occasionally did, I mostly wanted my stay in Sicily to be about recharging, spending time with my family and friends, and above all taking a moment to appreciate the little things in life. Like befriending a couple of feral kitties, or savouring all my favourite dishes.

I really enjoyed my stay in Sicily, and can’t wait to go back. Because as all Sicilians know, no one ever leaves Sicily forever. It’s always a ‘See you later,’ never a farewell.


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10 Things You Don’t Know About Me


A candid photo from when I got talked into modeling for Back to School attire (P.S. that’s vegan leather so no worries!) 

  1. I’m bilingual. I’m fluent in Italian and English.
  2. I was born on a Thursday, January 8, just like David Bowie.
  3. I drink every beverage with a straw, and yes, this also includes hot tea and coffee. (Method to my madness, drinking from straws lowers your chances of damaging your teeth and staining them).
  4. I studied piano for close to ten years. I had a love/hate relationship with it, as I love music and loved playing it, but hated the long practice time (over an hour every single day) of it and being forced to study Bach by my teachers (when I preferred Beethoven, I actually decided to learn to play the piano because I was obsessed with his music).
  5. If you only know me through blogging, then you may not know that I’m a writer, and have several books up for sale on Amazon including a paranormal urban fantasy: CUT HERE, a collection of short stories: DOLL PARTS – Tales of Twisted Love, and an anthology I edited: MY AMERICAN NIGHTMARE – Women In Horror Anthology.
  6. My first celebrity crush was Leonard Nimoy who played Spock on Star Trek when I was two, and yes, I did prefer him because of his quirky ears and thus began my path of crushing on odd dark-haired men.
  7. My favourite city in the whole world is London, England. I love it so much that I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to it.
  8. My love for lipstick started at the tender age of three when I begged my aunt to leave me one of her lipstick tubes. I haven’t stopped wearing lipstick since.
  9. The historical figure I’ve been obsessed with since I was three is the last French Queen Marie Antoinette. Watching the anime Lady Oscar – The Rose of Versailles for the majority of my childhood did have a hand in that.
  10. My four favourite novels are novels I’ve read more than once (which I often don’t re-read novels as I have a good memory and find it hard to reread something I already know everything that’s going to happen) are: The Picture of Dorian Gray (Oscar Wilde), Interview With the Vampire (Anne Rice), 1984 (George Orwell), and A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens).                                                                                         White and Pink Strikeout Cosmetics Beauty LogoDid you enjoy what you just read? If yes, then FOLLOW THE BLOG, give the post a like, or leave a comment! New posts are up every Tuesday & Thursday!

Make Tiramisu like a True Italian! Easy Recipe to Enjoy & Wow Dinner Guests!

Tiramisu is one of Italy’s most famous desserts. The literal translation of the word, “tiramisu” is “pick me up,” which is what the cake is intended to do having both coffee and alcohol in it. This dessert originated in Northern Italy, more specifically the Veneto-Treviso area. There are various recipes floating around the internet, but nothing comes close to giving you the authentic taste than this one.

This dessert isn’t a quick one to make, despite the fact that it doesn’t require baking. So plan to make this when you have time to spare. But let me assure you, it’s worth every moment spent when you take the first taste of this mouth-watering cake.


Prep time: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Refrigeration time: 3-4 hours for best results

Servings: 8-10

Calories: 500 per serving


6 Large Eggs

1 ½ Cup Sugar

1 pound Mascarpone cheese – room temperature

1 ¾ heaving whipping cream

2 packages of Savoiardi (Italian Lady Fingers)

2 cups espresso

1 cup Amaretto Di Saronno Liquor

2 ounces cocoa for dusting


Take a glass baking tray (about 9 inches in length) that’s got a rectangular shape and begin placing the Savoiardi biscuits upon the tray in a row till the whole tray is covered.

Combine the 1 cup espresso with the 1 cup Amaretto in a bowl and mix the two together using a table spoon.

Slowly take small spoonfuls and let it fall on the Savoiardi. The biscuits need to be slightly soaked, not drenched! So it’s soft but not mushy! Set this aside.

Be sure to wash eggs thoroughly before cracking them open and separating the yolk from the white. Combine the six egg yolks with one cup sugar in the top of a double boiler, over boiling water. Stir constantly for five minutes. Once you are done, remove the yolks from the heat and whip them until they become thick like a custard cream.

Add the Mascarpone to the whipped yolks. The cheese may be thick, so beat for a few minutes till it becomes seamless with the whipped yolks leaving no chunks.

Take a separate bowl and add heavy cream with half cup sugar and whip till it peaks. (You can test out if the whipped cream is good to go by placing a fork in the center. If it remains standing up, it is ready).

Add a layer of Mascarpone with the whipped yolks over the Savoiardi.

Add another layer of Savoiardi on top and soak these with the espresso and Amaretto mixture as you did before.

Fold the remaining Mascarpone with whipped yolks with the whipped cream. Add this layer on top till you use it all.

Dust cocoa powder on top.

Refrigerate for 3-4 hours or overnight for best results.


By: Azzurra Nox