Oceana: A Charity Worth Checking Out


Giving back is always important, and I’m always curious to know what charities people support, as that says more about someone than anything else. My favourite charity by far is Oceana. Being someone who has always loved the ocean and all things sea-life (I learned to swim at the age of three at the beach, and no one could manage to get me out of the water whenever we’d have beach days). Basically, as a child, I really wanted to grow up to be a mermaid, cause sea life seemed way more my thing than life on land. I pretty much had the opposite feelings that Ariel did in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. The whole time she kept trying to get rid of her fins, and I kept thinking, DON’T DO IT! FEET ARE SO OVERRATED!

But I digress.

So why should you be interested in joining Oceana? For one, they helped preserve Punta de Choros in August 2010, Oceana helped convinced Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to request the relocation fo a coal-fired power plant scheduled to be constructed in a vulnerable region of Chile’s northern coast.


Not only that, but they also have helped save sharks lives. In January 2009, the Spanish government, in cooperation with Oceana, helped advance new shark legislation that would ban and catch the threatened hammerhead and thresher sharks. Spain is one of the largest shark catching and exporting countries in the world, and by 2019, the entire European Union enacted a ban on shark finning.

Other than doing those amazing things they do for marine life, Oceana also provides ways for you to help as well, whether you contribute to donate for marine life (such as helping starving orcas) to help with beach cleaning.

Keeping oceans clean and habitable for marine life is very important and that’s why Oceana is a charity that is close to my heart.

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3 Easy & Awesome Last Minute Gifts!


There are two kinds of people when it comes to the holidays, those who have all their holiday shopping done before December hits, and those who are still scrambling around last minute looking for the perfect gift. I’m a combination of both those people, because for the friends and family members that I don’t have trouble buying gifts for, I usually get those early on, but for those people that I don’t know what to get, I end up procrastinating in hopes that I’ll be illuminated with an amazing idea (usually it comes, most often times, it doesn’t). So, if like me, you’re sitting there three days before Christmas panicking on what to get that certain someone that’s hard to shop for, then have no fear! I’ve compiled five ideas that will be sure to make your shopping experience less stressful!


Does your friend or family member love a certain TV show or book series very much? Then there lies your answer for the perfect gift! If your bestie can’t get enough of those trouble-making rascals on Stranger Things, then how about getting her a Stranger Things mug or T-Shirt? Is your dad a big fan of Game of Thrones? Then how about getting him a beer mug in theme with the show? The awesome thing about fandoms is that if the person you know is a huge fan, they’re bound to love anything you get them that is related to it, no matter how expensive or cheap it may be!

Monthly Subscriptions

Don’t know what to give someone? Well, there are so many monthly subscriptions out there for all interests! There’s a monthly subscription box for any interest and hobby! With so many boxes to choose from, you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for the person you’re wishing to purchase a gift for, and the amazing thing is that this gift will be year-round! Here’s a small selection of some amazing boxes out there!

For the book lovers: https://www.bookofthemonth.com

For the health freak: https://naturebox.com

For the sock lover: https://www.lootcrate.com

For the tea obsessives: https://www.cratejoy.com

For the coffee addict: https://beanbox.co/?promo=MYSUBADD16

For the makeup guru: https://medusasmakeup.com/pages/monthly-box


If the person you’re trying to get a gift for is the sort of person who has everything, then how about donating an x amount of money to one of their favourite charities? After all, for the person who has it all, they may appreciate your token of generosity on their behalf! Find out what charities or causes your friend or relative is most passionate about and donate to that. Below are some of my favourite charities:

Oceana: http://oceana.org/ (a charity that focuses on keeping the oceans clean & helping preserve marine life)

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Program: https://afsp.org/ (a charity that helps those with mental illness/suicidal tendencies)

Write Girl: http://www.writegirl.org/ (a charity that helps empower teen girls in Los Angeles in their writing endeavors

I hope this short list was helpful in any way to jump-start some brainstorming ideas for gifts! Let me know what you think!

By: Azzurra Nox