Review: Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips


With the cutest packaging in the beauty industry (I mean really, all of their products look delicious and cute!) that someone like Marie Antoinette would adore (it’s no coincidence that one of their Lip Whips is named Versailles). I’ve been dying to try this brand for a while now.

So when they had their 4th of July sale, I decided to bite the bullet and order me some summer lippie shades.

The first shade I tried out was Take Me For Pomegranate. I did love how the colour looked on me, but upon my first application, I wasn’t crazy how drying it felt on my lips. As the day wore on, the liquid lipstick started to crack, which meant I had to reapply. By the time I went on a date with my fiance that same night, the lipstick was ultra grainy-like on my lips and migrating to the top of my gums (not cute, especially when your guy thinks your gums are bleeding).

So if I’m going to wear this shade again, it’d only be for a few hours and won’t attempt to wear it the whole day as I often do with my liquid lipsticks.

The second shade I ordered was Cherry Flambe. Again, the colour is gorgeous. Now, I don’t know if there’s a difference in formula (because sometimes there are liquid lipsticks that are matte or satin), but this one wasn’t so drying. And this shade didn’t crack not did it get grainy by the end of the day. Being that it was a red shade, I was afraid that it might bleed as the day wore on. Thankfully, it didn’t. The shade did kinda fade towards the middle of my lips by the afternoon, but that’s nothing a quick reapply couldn’t fix.

Overall, for the price (they normally retail for $20 a pop), these Lip Whips don’t deliver. It really saddens me to write this, because I truly wanted to love these products (again, cute packaging and wanted to support the amazing cancer survivor and CEO, Cashmere Nicole), but as far as the Lip Whips go, I was sadly not impressed at all. Sure, they won’t smudge if you eat or drink, but cracked colour isn’t a pretty sight.

I would be curious to try out some of their other products, but as far as their Lip Whips go, I won’t be ordering any others in the future.

Price: $20

Where To Buy It:


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Review: Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer


I’ve previously tried products from this brand before, and I truly loved it. I like how they use all-natural ingredients, and from the products I tried, they’ve actually made my skin way better in both look and texture. So bonus points for that!

Being someone who’s always had oily skin, trying to use moisturizer has been almost impossible as all the ones I’ve tried tended to be too rich and break me out. And who wants to look like a pepperoni pizza, right? So when I received this moisturizer made specifically for Oily-Combination Skin in my Allure Beauty Box, I was tempted to give it a go.

What It Is: Cream-Gel Moisturizer for Oily-Combination Skin types

What It Does: Delivers ultra-hydration whilst minimizing pores and creating a matte, yet luminous complexion.

Active Ingredients: 5% Pomegranate water, Pomegranate Extract, Alpine Willowherb, Tannins, and Polyphenols

Verdict: Oily-acne prone skin gals, this product is for YOU! This moisturizer is THE BEST I’ve ever tried. Not only does it keep my skin hydrated, but it also mattifies the skin without it looking dull, but rather refreshed. From the very first application the cream felt luxurious and thick, but when applied it actually felt rather lightweight. It also has a very faint, yet clean smell to it. The packaging is simple, yet sleek. I really love how it makes my skin feel less oily, but plump with hydration and ultra-fortifying. I don’t have issues with big pores, but this product also helps with minimizing pores and giving them a smaller appearance. I highly recommend this cream if you’re looking for a moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: $34

Where To Buy It:

By: Azzurra Nox