Review: Kate Somerville Goat Milk Facial Moisturizer


What It Is: Moisturizing Cream

What It Does: Hydrates and soothes dry skin

Active Ingredients: Jojoba and Avocado hydrate and condition, naturally soothing Aloe helps calm kin, and Grape Seed Oil and Vitamin E, natural Antioxidants, help neutralize free radicals

Verdict: I’ve used Kate Somerville’s skincare products before since Allure has sent me a few samples my way through the Beauty Box. The products I had been sent were indeed good, but nothing too life-changing for me to praise to the heavens for. Now, I recently subscribed to the Fab Fit Fun and I decided to select the Goat Milk Hydrating Cream as one of my selections for the Winter Box. I’ll admit it: I’ll automatically try anything that has Goat Milk. I just love the benefits that Goat Milk provides that I’m willing to give it a go with any product that contains this ingredient. Confession time: When I first got this product I wasn’t quite certain WHERE on the body I was supposed to use it since it simply said hydrating cream. So I’ve been using it on my hands and face, although a quick trip to Kate’s official site claims that it is a face cream. I guess you can use this cream anywhere you have dry skin. I love that it’s purely scentless because while I do like a good scent, some creams have odd scents that can be off-putting or ones that are incredibly overpowering. This cream seriously delivers. It doesn’t matter where on your body you are using it (my mum went so far to put this on her feet since she’s always had cracked heels) you’ll wake up the following morning with rejuvenated incredibly soft skin! The only downside of this cream? For me personally, it’s the hefty price tag. $65 for 1.7 oz. is a bit pricey if you’re going to use this beyond your face. But if you’re just using this as a hydrating cream for your face then it should last longer than if (like me or my mum) you’re using this on your hands or feet. It’s an excellent product and I totally recommend you check it out whatever skin concern you have because a good hydrating cream is hard to come by.

Price: $65

Where to Buy It:

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Empties Post – First One Ever!

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Ever since the internet went crazy with “Empties” posts, I’ve been wanting to write one for this blog. The only caveat? Being able to accumulate enough used up products to write a post about. Seems simple, right? Not when you have far too many products and keep switching from one to another, and the guilt of throwing out something you’re not crazy about seems almost wasteful. So for me, using up a product and thinking about repurchasing the same item again means that I need to have thought it was absolutely AMAZING and willing to go through the experience all over again.

So without further ado, here are a few of my empties:

Honest The Younger Eye

I wrote a full review of this product here if you wish to read more details about it. What can I say? I absolutely LOVE this eye cream! It’s everything an eye cream should be and I think it has greatly improved the skin around my eyes tenfold.

Would I repurchase: HELL YES!

Everyone Face For Every Day Tone

I included this product in my skincare routine post. This is one of my favourite toners because not only is it lightweight, but it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It also has contributed to keeping my skin acne-free!

Would I repurchase: YES!

Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer

Even for this, I wrote a full review of this product here, if you wish to read a more detailed description. I’m usually not a huge fan of moisturizers cause even the most lightweight ones tend to make me break out, but this one lived up to its claim of being gentle for acne-prone skin, and I fell instantly in love!

Would I repurchase: YES!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

This cream is a restorative eye treatment for undereye skin. I like that the cream was thick and emollient, and did work in diminishing fine lines caused by fatigue. I didn’t find anything NOT to love about this cream, but at the same time, I didn’t fall in love with it as much as I did with the Honest eye cream.

Would I repurchase: Maybe

Skin & Co. Roma Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate

I was sad to see this finish as I added this as one of my favourite eye creams that I recommend. This cream feels luxurious and incredibly hydrating. Even a year later I still love it!

Would I repurchase: YES!

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

This cream was just a little too much on the thin side for my liking. I’m more into creams that feel very moisturizing and this was a little on the light side, however, it DID keep my skin hydrated and didn’t cause any breakouts. If you want to read a more detailed description, check out the review here.

Would I repurchase: Maybe

Clinique Moisture Surge

I know this is the holy grail of moisturizers for many people, especially if you’ve got oily skin. I was given this cream as a sample by one of the Clinique reps at a cosmetic shop with the promise that I would love it. Well, sorry to burst anyone’s bubble but this is simply too watery for my taste. I guess the lightweightness of it is what makes it perfect for oily skin, but I kinda love thick creams.

Would I repurchase: No

Medusa’s Makeup Grapefruit Astringent

I’m a big fan of toners and this one simply smells amazing! It left my skin feeling refreshed, and kept it from becoming oily too soon.

Would I repurchase: Yes, but they have two other scents (Rose and Cucumber) and I’m curious about the cucumber version.

There’s a satisfying feeling of completion when you get to the end of a product, and I think this is why Empties Posts are so popular. Do you have similar feelings? Would you try out any of these products?

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Review: Korres Pomegranate Balancing Cream-Gel Moisturizer


I’ve previously tried products from this brand before, and I truly loved it. I like how they use all-natural ingredients, and from the products I tried, they’ve actually made my skin way better in both look and texture. So bonus points for that!

Being someone who’s always had oily skin, trying to use moisturizer has been almost impossible as all the ones I’ve tried tended to be too rich and break me out. And who wants to look like a pepperoni pizza, right? So when I received this moisturizer made specifically for Oily-Combination Skin in my Allure Beauty Box, I was tempted to give it a go.

What It Is: Cream-Gel Moisturizer for Oily-Combination Skin types

What It Does: Delivers ultra-hydration whilst minimizing pores and creating a matte, yet luminous complexion.

Active Ingredients: 5% Pomegranate water, Pomegranate Extract, Alpine Willowherb, Tannins, and Polyphenols

Verdict: Oily-acne prone skin gals, this product is for YOU! This moisturizer is THE BEST I’ve ever tried. Not only does it keep my skin hydrated, but it also mattifies the skin without it looking dull, but rather refreshed. From the very first application the cream felt luxurious and thick, but when applied it actually felt rather lightweight. It also has a very faint, yet clean smell to it. The packaging is simple, yet sleek. I really love how it makes my skin feel less oily, but plump with hydration and ultra-fortifying. I don’t have issues with big pores, but this product also helps with minimizing pores and giving them a smaller appearance. I highly recommend this cream if you’re looking for a moisturizer for oily and acne-prone skin.

Price: $34

Where To Buy It:

By: Azzurra Nox

Review: Clinique Pep-Start HydroBlur Moisturizer


What It Is: A lightweight, 24/7 hydrating cream that provides a matte finish, and prepares the skin for makeup.

What It Does: Instantly blurs imperfections.

Verdict: I’m still unsure whether this is meant to be a full-fledged moisturizer or more of a face primer. And I have a feeling that when they were making this cream, they were trying to combine both of those elements together. However, the problem is that it doesn’t deliver on either accounts. It’s not so soft as a face primer should be (or maybe I’m just used to using Smashbox’s Photofinish Perfecting Primer so much that I prefer that consistency over any others). I’m not crazy about moisturizers because I have oily skin and it often means that any cream is going to add to the oiliness. Maybe this product is best suited for those that have dry skin or are in need of blurring fine lines. I wasn’t able to thoroughly judge that as I have neither. I found this product in one of the Allure Monthly boxes, but probably wouldn’t have tried it otherwise. It’s not that I hated product. It was alright, but I wasn’t crazy about it either. When I put it on the cream felt wet, which maybe is the point of it. The only problem is that it continued to remain wet and since I don’t use foundation, trying to place powder on top of it didn’t make for the best application. Overall, I don’t think this product was right for me. Maybe this product is best for anyone who’s in need of extra hydration.

Price: $34

Where To Buy It: Amazon, Ulta, or Sephora.

By: Azzurra Nox