Review: Burberry’s My Burberry Blush Fragrance


Burberry is as much British as high tea and the Queen, just take a look at their signature tartan packaging. Based in London, before the brand was known for their fragrances, it was originally known for its iconic trench coat as far back as 1856! This new fragrance is a homage to the iconic coat and the women of that era, that were both feminine but progressive.

Size: 1.6-oz./50-ml.

Price: $90

Fragrance Family: Floral

Top Notes: Pomegranate and Lemon

Middle Notes: Geranium, Crisp Apple, and Rose Petal

Base Notes: Jasmine and Wisteria

Time of Day: Daytime/Early Evening

What’s It Smell Like: A romantic stroll in a London park.

Verdict: I have to admit I haven’t always been a fan of Burberry’s fragrances in the past, but ever since they’ve released Body and My Burberry a couple of years ago, I’ve totally been onboard with the new fragrances. This one is exceptionally feminine, but in no way is it safe. It’s a bit flirty without being too obnoxious, and simply smells divine. If you ever wanted to smell like a sweet British garden with a hint of posh (think Baby Spice meets Posh Spice), then this fragrance is right for you!

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By: Azzurra Nox

Review: Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Fragrances


I was really excited to see that I had gotten Kat Von D’s newest fragrances in this month’s Sephora Play Box. So I didn’t even wait a second to try them on. I doused myself the second I opened the box and was met with pure bliss.

Granted, I was sent only the samples and so wasn’t able to see the full potential of the perfumes’ packaging till I visited a local Sephora, and let me tell you these bottles are gorgeous! The detail is simply so opulent and intricate, showing a great care for making a bottle worth showing off on your vanity table. The style is a mixture of baroque and Gothic and just utterly so beautiful that you’ll be tempted to keep the bottles long after you’re done with the fragrances.

saint and sinner


Size: 1.7-oz./50-ml.

Price: $65

Fragrance family: Floral

Top Note: Mandarin

Middle Note: Jasmine, Tiare Flower

Base Note: Musk

Time of Day: Day or night, but definitely a light fragrance that can be used as a day fragrance if that’s your choosing.

What’s it smell like: An ethereal walk in a sweet, decadent forest, if that forest is filled with sugar delicacies.


Size: 1.7-oz./50-ml.

Price: $65

Fragrance family: Warm and Spicy

Top Note: Orange Blossom

Middle Note: Cinnamon

Base Note: Patchouli, Vanilla

Time of Day: Preferably night and it’s more of an Autumn/Winter fragrance than a summer one. It kind of reminds me of Thierry Mugler’s Alien.

What’s it smell like: Spicy and peppery. Like walking into a Yankee Candle shop when it’s filled with just Autumn Harvest and Cinnamon candles.

Verdict: I’ll admit that I’m quite picky when it comes to fragrances. I often don’t even like the ones that typically everyone else seem to love (ie. D&G’s Light Blue, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle, or Dior’s J’Adore to name a few). Having said that, I actually do like these fragrances. Would I actually purchase them myself? I’m undecided at the moment, but if I were to make a choice, I’m leaning more towards Saint than Sinner. I’m a huge fan of orange blossom, but I don’t particularly like Patchouli at all and I feel like that note completely overpowers the orange blossom. Ironically, I’m not a huge fan of jasmine, and yes the musk in Saint allows the fragrance to never be too flowery in scent, but rather gives it a sensual twist to it. As celebrity fragrances go (because apart from being a tattoo artist and makeup artist with a cosmetic brand, Kat Von D is a celebrity), this is actually the best around. So if you’re into trying a new fragrance out for Fall, I recommend either of the two, depending on your personal preference.

kat von d

You can purchase the fragrances at any Sephora shop or online:

By: Azzurra Nox